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Modern desktop is Windows 10 and Office 365, kept up to date.

Making the shift to a modern desktop helps you to foster a highly secure workspace, empowered by the latest productivity, teamwork and collaboration experiences for your organization. Cloud Productivity Solutions is here to ensure that you make a smooth transition as a business to the World of Modern desktop.

Deploying new PCs or getting PCs back to a business ready state gets easier and you can keep your user populations happy and secure with the most up to date experiences. This is best achieved through Microsoft 365, which brings together Office 365 with Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, in a complete intelligent solution

For Business:

Reimagine the way you work.

Microsoft 365 for business can help your business or organisation improve cybersecurity, reduce costs, and empower employees to work from anywhere at any time, 24/7.

For Enterprise:

Build your future.

Help your team to do their best work using industry-leading apps and experiences that foster remote connection, collaboration and working in any sector.

For Education:

Transform learning.

Enable your students to interact, collaborate and learn with scheduled classes, homework and assignments, grading, attendance management and much more!
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The Power To Work Remotely

Keep your employees connected and productive in a safe online environment.

Remote Working should not limit security or productivity for your business

We want to ensure your employees have the skills and expertise to remain productive even while working remotely, while ensuring your IT teams have full control over the organisation’s data security and application access.

In these times when many organisations are turning to remote working, we have organised several remote working workshops tailored to different organisational structures to empower your employees to stay productive. You can learn more about this here

What you will Learn

Sign up for a this day workshop on how to to enable flexible security with Secure Remote Working

The One-Day engagement is designed to help you rapidly deploy remote work solutions to keep your employees connected in a safe online environment, protected from data breaches and cyber attacks.

Setting Up

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Secure Login

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Driving Adoption

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Why Should You Sign Up for the Secure Remote Work Workshop?

Enable people to meet and collaborate from home

Keep employees productive, even when they’re working remotely. Help your customers to provide powerful meeting, collaboration, and workflow experiences to those working from home.

Secure remote access to applications

Enable remote access to cloud and on-premises apps without a virtual private network (VPN), simplify discovery of apps for users, and collaboration with partners. All with security controls to protect access to apps and extend data protection to devices.

Inform and engage employees & customers

Help your customers reach any audience across and outside their organizations with live and on-demand events. Enable them keep employees, partners, and customers informed and up to date with news and announcements. Help them share their vision and foster dialogue to drive change

Secure managed and unmanaged devices

Provide users access to the breadth of resources they’ve always needed to get work done securely from company-owned and personal devices and enable integration of security baselines and compliance policies within a single management console.

Make productivity applications available on any device

Help your customers’ employees stay connected to the best of Microsoft 365 Apps by enabling them to be productive, pick up where they left off, and keep collaborating from anywhere, at any time.

Deliver the best virtual desktop experience

Keep those needing to work from home productive and secure on any device and provide a complete device experience that meets regulatory compliance guidelines. hey left off, and keep collaborating from anywhere, at any time.

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