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Terms of service
Functional area NAIROBI
Opening date 12/01/2021
Closing date 05/02/2021

Position objective
The Candidate will be responsible of Company Branding and Brand awareness through the available media platforms.

  • Defining and managing Company brand.
      ✓ who is Cloud Productivity Solutions Limited,
      ✓ what do we stand for?
  • Develop CPS brand strategy
  • Redesign our website to take care of the SMB customer, enterprise customer and maintain our brand. Ensure site is always Up-to-date
  • Develop webstore where customers can buy online (this can be outsourced)
  • Ensure our solution bundles are clear to our customers
  • Creating content providing search engine optimization for our website.
  • Monitoring and managing social media. post informational and lead generating content (Build calendar for the same)
  • Produce branded external communication to customers on our offers and solutions
  • Create branded company document and templets and ensure they are used
      ✓ Company profile
      ✓ Company presentation
      ✓ Minutes templet
      ✓ Letter heads
      ✓ Statement of work templet
      ✓ Sign off Template
      ✓ Proposal Template
      ✓ Email signature—it should also be used to market our products and services
  • Create solution presentation for CPS Solutions and ensure they are known by all employees
      ✓ CPS Elimu Plus
      ✓ CPS Apps (Company communicator)
      ✓ Productivity Plus
      ✓ Adoption and change management
  • Conducting customer and market research. To find out
      ✓ Is our package solution ready for market?
      ✓ What are customers feeling about our brand
      ✓ What are customers feeling about our sales
      ✓ What are customers feeling about our services
      ✓ Conduct customer satisfaction index

Lead Generation
  • Ensure our CRM database is clean with the right contacts
  • Conduct marketing campaigns using CRM. below campaigns are our priority area.
      ✓ Secure remote working
      ✓ Teams meeting and devices
      ✓ Teams calling (TDR & Audio conference)
      ✓ Elimu plus
      ✓ CPS Apps (to be defined)
      ✓ Azure Sentinel
      ✓ Windows Virtual desktop
      ✓ Compliance
  • Publish our solutions in Azure marketplace and ensure they are Cosell ready
  • Create and run sponsored adds for above solutions.
  • Organize webinars after each campaign
  • Customer reference
      ✓ Document our customer success stories
      ✓ Create presentation for our customer reference showing impacts to the customer
      ✓ Record customer testimonials
      ✓ Get customer recommendation letters
  • Design and procure promotional material and Gifts for customers

1. Minimum of Diploma in Marketing from a recognized institution in kenya.
2. Relevant Marketing Certifications Will be an Added advantage.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.