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When you need to modernize your workplace with collaboration tools for communication or project management, we help you set up technology that offers an abundance of options. Click the link below to find out more. 


We have been Priviledged to Win Awards at the Regional and International stages.

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We drive productivity and efficiency in your organisation by focusing on:

Empowered by the latest productivity, teamwork and collaboration experiences for your organization.

Cyber-security solutions that prevent unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data.

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Making the shift to a highly secure workspace, empowered by the latest productivity, teamwork and collaboration experiences for your organization.

Collaboration Tools

Direct calling with CPS Calling Plus

Cloud Productivity Solutions Limited through Microsoft teams now offers a team Calling solution for people and businesses on a global scale.
With Calling Plus, you can now make conventional PBX calls from anywhere, anytime, securely.

CPS Productivity Plus

CPS Productivity Plus focuses on user and industry specified communication and tool trainings empowering our customers to drive digital transformation.
This enables users in organizations to be empowered with knowledge and skills in using digital tools.

CPS Modern Plus

The CPS Modern workplace
offers a simplified -creative platform for secured teamwork employing a great end user experience which eanbles creativity, productivity and collaboration at a flexible management infrastructure

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Discover How COVID Has Affected Workplaces & The Tools You Can Use to Adapt Seamlessly

Read how we’re helping businesses and organizations respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, and get resources to help your teams adapt.

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