Cloud Productivity Solutions Limited is a technology firm that specializes in helping companies save money through innovation. We are designed to provide clients with the right space and context to think and then execute a far more coherent solution.

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Infrastructure Assessment and Remediation

This is an in-depth, hands-on process that delivers a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the current state of company infrastructure and examines how a business is using the technology investment.

We conduct interviews with business stakeholders to:

  • Establish a thorough understanding of the current state of IT operations
  • Detail how well technology supports business use and goals
  • Measure the impact of new or different technology solutionsOnce the business and technology assessments are completed then:
  • Prioritize, plan, and budget technology implementations and changes for maximum impact
  • Implement technology changes that provide measurable business benefits (productivity, performance, cost- and time-efficiencies, and data security)
  • Ensure that your systems are in line with industry standard best practices