Viva Connections

Viva Connections

Whether working remotely or not, Viva Connections helps you create a more connected workplace for your team and encourages effective collaborations.


  • A dashboard for notifications, actions, and reminders
  • A personalized feed for company news and information
  • Integrations to Viva Learning and Viva Insights


  • Employees stay connected and engaged with leaders and with each other
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging
  • Enhances employee collaboration and ideation
  • A continuous reminder of the company’s strategies and objectives
Viva Learning

Viva Learning

Need a solution that can help your workforce improve their skills while on task?Viva Learning creates personalized and relevant learning topics for each of your team members by generating recommendations based on their skill sets.Viva Learning combines all your learnings and coursework in one platform


  • AI-powered recommendations for new learnings
  • Integration to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365


  • Simplified and centralized learning from different sources
  • Discover new skills with personalized recommendations and searches
  • Integrated learning into tools and platforms employees use daily i.e
  • Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365
Viva Learning
Viva Insights

Viva Insights

Viva Insight provides personalized and actionable insights that can help your team address complex business challenges and respond quickly to change.

Features and Benefits of Viva Insights


Individual Insights
Employees receive personal and private insights to help them identify opportunities to change how they work so they can boost their productivity


Manager Insights
Helps managers understand the current team norms and take action that helps the team create a balance between productivity and well-being.


Organizational Insights
Business leaders get broad visibility across the organization. This in turn helps them understand which changes to implement that could improve both the employee experience and business outcomes.


Advanced tools and capabilities for deeper analysis to help address targeted challenges that are important and a priority to you

Viva Topics

Viva Topics

Viva Topics uses AI to generate topics about the apps your team uses every day at
work, in order to help them improve their expertise.

Features and Benefits of Viva Topics:


Turn content into usable knowledge
Viva Topics applies AI to identify knowledge and experts from across your organization and categorize them into shared topics.


Organize topics into topic pages
The AI automatically creates topic pages for each topic which are edited and kept up to date by AI.


Makes knowledge easy to discover and use
The AI also surfaces these topics as Topic Cards within Teams, SharePoint, and Office. So if you hover over an acronym or a project name you get an immersive topic card that you can click on to get more information

Viva Topics

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