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Microsoft 365 Privacy at CPS

Microsoft 365 privacy demanded enhancements as, around the world, businesses continue to depend on staff members’ capacity to work remotely while still being able to connect and collaborate. Furthermore ,according to a recent poll, 60% of customers say their security and compliance budgets have increased to better protect their infrastructures in these remote or hybrid work scenarios, and consequently, 80% of customers plan to speed up their digital transformation. 

This comes from the recent workforce demands 

  • A changing workplace 
    73% of employees want more flexible remote work options to stay1 
  • Increased security risks 
    79% of surveyed enterprises have experienced a cyber breach in the past year with an average cost of 4.72m$ per data breach3 
  • Economic uncertainties 
    Many external and hard-to-predict factors will determine when we go back to a pre-crisis state 

These demands afterwards raise questions on data privacy as data remains the main driving force for cloud connectivity and collaboration. 

Cloud Productivity Solution’s comprehensive, integrated portfolio of cloud solutions for Dynamics 365, Azure, and Microsoft 365 is built on a foundation of security and privacy and aids every business in every sector in increasing resilience and enhancing profitability. 

Our Microsoft 365 Privacy Agreement.

Cloud Productivity Solutions’ commitment to privacy with our customers and Microsoft will assure data privacy in every organization and industry we work with. This effort will help build resilience and improve the bottom line in the following ways: 

  • You control your data 

Your information is only used by us to provide the services that you have requested. Likewise, If you stop being a customer, we delete your data. We abide by comprehensive privacy rules like the GDPR. 

  • You choose where your data is located 

We offer the broadest range of residency locations. 

  • We secure your data at rest and in transit 

In addition, our protocols have two or more layers of encryption. 

  • We defend your data 

Governments are not granted unrestricted access to our data. 

Moreover, In court, we contest requests for government data.