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Companies Grow when People are Happy and Productive

Over the last year, many of us have seen how easy it is for the line between work and life to blur. We are always on, always connected, making sense of incredible amounts of information while multiple tasks and deliverables demand our attention at any given time. Employee burnout has been on a troublesome trajectory for several years, and we see clear signs that this always-on mode is unsustainable.

Employees today often have several tasks they are working on simultaneously. But frequent context-switching – for example: switching between emails, chats, and Word documents all while searching for various content on your computer – prevents people from getting on a roll with their work. So how do we get you the content and information you need without constant interruptions?

By using Microsoft Viva, your company can connect the digital dots and create an environment that transforms how people work, learn, communicate and engage.


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Viva Insights

Get personalized insights that help you protect your time for breaks, focused work, and learning in order to promote improved productivity and wellbeing.

Employee searching for content on Viva Topics

Viva Topics

Identify knowledge and experts within the organization and organize them into shared topics. Topics is like Wikipedia for the enterprise where AI does the first draft.

Viva Connections

A gateway to your employee experience, with personalized news, communications, tasks, people and resources.​ It provides a single curated employee destination that can be configured for specific roles

Employee going through content on the Viva Learning database

Viva Learning

Easily discover informal and formal learning in the flow of work with content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and 3rd party training content.

Learn in the flow of work

Integrate learning into the tools and platforms where users already spend their time with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

Simplify and centralize learning

Bring together learning content and tools from different sources in one central hub.

Viva Insights Platform
Viva learning interface
Deliver personalized and actionable insights

Empower individuals, teams, and orgs to achieve balance, build better work habits, and improve business outcomes with personalized insights and recommended actions.​

Quantify impact of work on people and business

Gain data-driven, privacy-protected visibility into how work patterns affect wellbeing, productivity, and results. ​

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