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Your Frontline Workforce is Essential

Frontline workers are the backbone of your business. These are the workers in customer facing roles or functions that have a direct impact on business growth and operations. They typically comprise the majority of the workforce and it’s their actions that translate strategies into action, delight customers and move the organization forward.

It’s time to design and deliver frontline employee experiences that deliver back to the bottom line with powerful and intuitive tools and devices that help every employee succeed and contribute to your success.

Transform the frontline employee experience with purpose-built, cloud-based modern work solutions.

Connect & Engage your Workforce

Enrich communication and employee experiences by connecting workers with the right tools, people, and devices they need to do their best work and build skills faster.

Microsoft 365 for Frontline enables you to have a single hub for Teamwork on Teams. Your frontline workforce can chat, meet, and collaborate from anywhere with ease improving productivity at the workplace.

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Enhance Workforce Management

Empower your people to meet fluctuating business needs by equipping employees with agile shift scheduling tools and seamless task management.

  • Manage shift schedules more seamlessly
  • Simplify the task management process

Increase Operational Efficiency

Improve frontline efficiency by automating task & service processes with configurable apps and digital workflows.

  • Digitize manual processes
  • Simplify approval processes into one place
  • Organize and track information
simplify approval processes

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