Cloud Productivity Solutions

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Built for productivity

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system built for productivity.  It integrates into Office 365 for an all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, meetings, and messaging into a single application, Microsoft Teams.

All-in-one communication

Transform how work gets done by unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, and email

Easy and intelligent calling

Communicate with more flexibility, ease, and intelligence so you can stay connected

Delivered from Microsoft’s cloud

Work confidently with a reliable and secure cloud-based solution

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Save time and money

Reduce complexity, training, and having to remember multiple logins by consolidating your apps with a single provider for all your communications

Connect faster and easier

Start a call, schedule and join meetings more easily, right from Outlook. Your attendees can join just as fast from Outlook or any web browser without application downloads or sign-in required

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