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Adoption and change management as a program provides guidance for planning and adoption to assess, remediate, enable, and drive usage for the customer.

Why Adoption and Change Management?

In today’s world of rapid transformation, it is imperative that businesses consider the ‘people’ element of adoption and change, or else risk seeing their investment fail. 

The ability to quickly adapt to change is highly critical because change impacts the organization’s end-users and technical users, third-party vendors, and clients. 

Our Approach

With the shift in business to modern workplace technologies, more and more organizations are evolving to digital working styles. As Cloud Productivity Solutions Limited, we partner with customers in diverse industries develop the right strategic plan and resources to help drive change and adoption employing communications, deployment/technical support and strategic learning plans/solutions.

Our approach guided by the proven behavior Change Management methodology blending Prosci and Microsoft IP and our customer experiences allows us to offer learning services and solutions key in delivering a unique, employee-centric, and transformative experiences to support and enable our clients’ digital transformations. We additionally help to develop sustainable improvements to meet our client’s business continued growth.

Expected Outcome


Improved ways of working together which makes everyone wins and synergy manifests itself in reduced costs, more flexibility in adapting to changes, and increased capabilities.


Great use of existing technology to achieve business objectives


Increasing your return on investment with Microsoft’s agile and efficient cloud solution leads to reduced cost in telephony, travel and data storage cost


With adopted technology companies achieve channels of communication across the organization


Helping organizations see value in purchased licenses with increased efficiency, productivity and agility in users across the organization.

As a Microsoft Adoption and Change Management advanced specialization partner, we have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you adopt new technologies with ease. Our focus is to employ communications, deployment/technical support and strategic learning plans/solutions to help you gain business value. 

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