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How Microsoft Frontline is Improving your Employee’s Productivity

How Microsoft Frontline is improving your employee’s productivity

How Microsoft Frontline is improving your employee’s productivity

It is quite evident that frontline workers are the backbone of hybrid operations for major industries. Frontline workers are employees within essential industries who must physically show up to their jobs. Including frontline workers in modern work, solutions is a sure way of empowering them in society. Provided you have an active M365 account; your organisation is set to benefit from this tactic.

In today’s write up we will look into the key frontline workplace challenges and how Microsoft frontline can help solve those challenges. Let’s dive right in!



Key Microsoft 365 frontline features to improve employee productivity

The following features will catapult your workplace environment. They will also eliminate the disconnect between the employer’s and employees’ perception of productivity; commonly known as productivity paranoia. 

Connect and engage your workforce 

Enrich communication and employee experiences in your workplace. Achieve this by connecting employees with the right people tools and devices they need to do their best work and build skills faster. 

Connect and engage your workforce 

A single hub for teamwork

Once created this will provide your frontline workers with a 5- minute view to focus on what matters most. Plus, stay connected to their entire organisation. 

  1. Share information to communicate effectively

Your M365 account will give access to this nifty feature. It allows your workers to reach the right people with shift-aware tagging based on categories like their specific roles. 

Automatically giving them access to the right information they need to perform well at work. 

  1. Push-to-talk communication

This feature allows your employees to enjoy a seamless push-to-talk experience. Turning employee or company-owned android smartphones and tablets into a walkie-talkie is, cool right? 

Do not worry about eavesdropping from outside or limited range, the feature works over WIFI or cellular data. 

  1. Accelerate onboarding and learning 

You will be equipped to easily provide access to training content for job-related learning. Quickly onboarding employees and continuously building their skills has been made simpler!

  1. An engaged and inclusive workplace with M365

Have you fostered a rewarding work environment? Where your employees get rewarded for little to groundbreaking achievements. 

This feature allows you to celebrate employee success and foster community with pre-set or customizable badges to represent the values of your company.

Enhance workforce management

Empower your people to meet fluctuating business needs by equipping workers with agile shift scheduling tools and seamless task management.

Enhance workforce management
  1. Manage shifts seamlessly

Just like in any superhero movie; a busy manager deserves a scheduling sidekick. Let employees set their availability and effortlessly adjust programs to fluctuating business needs, all supported by your workforce management system.

  1. Track time and attendance

This feature easily enables frontline workers to clock in or out, no matter their device. Location detection and digital tracking sheets make sure everything is accounted for. 

You can monitor how long your workers have been working or not. 

  1. Simplify task management

Here, reimagine the distribution of tasks from corporate headquarters to frontline workers. Effectively create tasks and publish them to; different locations, specific store layouts, factory capabilities, or other attributes of your frontline teams. 

Next, you can manage tasks regionally and assign them to the right individuals in the store. Lastly, execute tasks locally with clear, detailed directions from operations. 

Increase operational efficiency

Transform frontline processes with purpose-built apps and digital workflows to improve speed, agility, and efficiency.

Increase operational efficiency
  1. Digitize manual processes

Make your routines automated and push for operational efficiency. Use prebuilt templates or custom steps and rules so your frontline workers can accomplish goals faster. 

Such as asset inspection, employee ideas and issue reporting. 

  1. Simplify approval processes 

You will get faster approvals by streamlining your requests. This feature allows you to easily create, manage, and share approvals directly from a chat, a channel conversation, or from Microsoft frontline. 

  1. Organize and track information

Manage information and monitor ongoing processes in a simple and collaborative way. To make this feature ten times more effective, customize it for your team to track priorities and keep everyone in sync. 

  1. One-stop shop for business apps

Take advantage of the M365  ecosystem to customize the frontline user experience with the right third-party apps.

  1. Connect frontline workers and customers remotely 

Moreover, you can streamline access to remote care, virtual consultations, and more with the convenience of virtual visits.

Safeguard your business with Microsoft frontline

Your employees will be able to take advantage of built-in security and compliance features in your apps and devices to safeguard your business without slowing down the frontline performance.

Safeguard your business with Microsoft frontline
  1. Strengthen compliance

In a dynamic and evolving regulatory environment you want to strictly maintain compliance. Stay on your toes by keeping your endpoints on the frontline up-to-date and performant. 

Plus, comply with labour regulations by applying remote access policies for your employees. 

  1. Low-friction user experiences

There could be some tasks that are under the works and not for every Tom and Harry in the organisation to access. With this feature, you can protect data on devices shared across multiple employees. 

Additionally, you get to comfortably control access by empowering frontline managers to provision and onboard users at scale with predefined policies. 

  1. Secure, role-based experience 

You will enable your employees to build customized user experiences in Microsoft teams. This is based on frontline worker roles and business workflow needs.

  1. Protect and manage endpoints

This feature enables productivity and endpoint protection for employees in mobile work environments. It also reduces the effort to scale your apps and device deployments with simplified and modern endpoint management. 

Bottom line

So, top leaders and managers need to plan for individually tailored, flexible hybrid arrangements for workers. This means making trust part of your company culture and eradicating productivity paranoia. 

This trust can be fostered by establishing a work environment that utilises the Microsoft frontline to help improve your employees’ productivity. Be sure to download Microsoft teams today and experience a whole new world! 

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