Cloud Productivity Solutions

Let’s agree, of all the places you need an increase in productivity, work is among the most important.

Also, every business owner wants a productive team because their business success relies on the productivity of its workforce.

Good news! You can rely on the SME Boost Solution powered by Microsoft Business 365 to improve your business productivity. How?

Let’s explain!

Now more than ever, teams need collaboration and productivity solutions to help them stay focused on goals, projects, and deadlines.

SME Boost is designed to help your team achieve this and more to help run business operations smoothly.

Why is SME Boost the solution you need?

Taking advantage of technology to improve employee productivity, increase work efficiency, and run business operations smoothly helps get more done in less time and is the key to a high productivity level.

Business productivity can be achieved through:

  • Easy collaboration tools
  • Easy access to and compilation of documents
  • Automated calendar and other business processes
  • Security in sharing files
  • Connection to the team anywhere

To achieve this, businesses need effective collaboration and communication tools. SME Boost powered by Microsoft provides the right tools for this and more.

How does SME Boost increase your business productivity?

With SME Boost, you can now create documents on an office desktop and edit them on a laptop while on the go, enabling quick and convenient access to work whenever, wherever, and on any device. Your team can also share files, emails, and calendars with ease.

With its inbuilt A. I tools and protocols, your business devices and data are protected from software threats like malware and spyware. This means you can securely share sensitive data anywhere.

Say goodbye to time wastage with SME Boost. In business, time is everything, and time wastage costs the business some money. SME Boost creates a smooth working experience through productivity tools that enable quick and easy access to files. This helps your team stay focused on goals and projects, meeting deadlines on time.

Helps your business cut overhead costs as well as boost your online sales. SME Boost offers your business reliable and secure website hosting on Azure at no additional cost using AI-powered templates that provide recommendations based on your industry and get exposed to your target audience. With an e-commerce-enabled website, you can reduce the customer funnel for your leads leading to more sales.


SME Boost is the secure collaboration and productivity solution for your business. With SME Boost productivity tools, you can communicate, collaborate, and improve efficiency. Your business also gets support in terms of website hosting, break and fix SLA, user adoption training, and Backup.