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The Future Of Upskilling In The Modern Workplace through Viva Learning

The future of upskilling in the modern workplace with viva learning

Research done by Gartner Inc. reveals that an estimated 58% of the workforce needs new skills to execute their jobs effectively. Incredibly concerning, right?  What’s more, the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report 2020 indicates that half of all employees today will need reskilling by 2025.  But, why are the skill shortages today so apparent?The simple explanation is that the current professional industry undergoes continuous shifts.  With advancements in technology, the introduction of new roles, crises, e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic, and more, you need to steer an adaptable workforce for survival through viva learning. By continually upskilling our employees, organizations like yours are able to level up to the industry’s demands.



What Is Upskill Learning?

Upskilling or upskill learning simply means improving an employee’s present skills so as to keep up with the demands of a current role. Still, with the growth of new professional roles, we can’t talk about employee upskilling and not talk about reskilling.  Unlike upskilling, reskilling is the adoption of new skills usually for a new role.


improving employee ability through upskilling

Why You Need To Upskill – Benefits of Upskilling

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  • Builds company reputation
  • Enhances customer retention
  • Increases productivity
  • Spurs adaptability to change
  • Saves time and money

Enhances customer retention

No one would want to be with a company that doesn’t hand them the opportunity to flourish and become better. When employees are contented with how well their skill sets are blossoming, they’ll be happy to stay with your company. 

Builds company reputation

Your employees are essential networks of your organization. They are most likely to tell others about how you’re giving them learning and upskilling chances, subsequently boosting your brand’s image.

Increases productivity

By upskilling, you’re empowering your staff with the relevant competency for their roles. This in turn gives them the much-needed confidence and motivation to execute their jobs better.

Spurs adaptability to change

The most essential goal of upskilling is to adapt to changes. 

By cultivating a constant learning culture, your workforce grows the flexibility to respond to future changes faster.

Saves time and money

Conducting employee replacements is incredibly time-consuming and often quite pricey. 

By keeping your employees capable and satisfied in dispensing their roles, you’re able to save time and money.

How To Adopt Upskilling In Your Organization

We’ve looked at what upskilling is and the core benefits you could benefit from. This said, how do you get started with helping your staff upskill? First, you need to assess your situation to determine the pain points your employees might be facing. You can do this by giving your employees questionnaires, gauging your KPIs, weighing up your monthly/yearly, evaluations, and more. 

The challenge however usually comes with selecting an ideal upskilling platform. One way is to send individual learning opportunities to employees. Nonetheless, this avenue can be overwhelming and often untrackable.  Therefore, you want to take a more automated upskilling path for convenience. A platform like Micorosft Viva Learning on Microsoft Viva 360 provides consolidated resources for hassle-free learning.

Let’s take a look at what Microsoft Viva Learning does.

What Is Microsoft Viva Learning?

Microsoft learning interface


Microsoft Viva Learning is a product of Microsoft’s tools to help modern companies spur productivity and collaboration. Viva Learning primarily aims to equip organizations with a centralized platform for blending learning and skill building into daily running.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Viva Learning

Some standout features that Viva learning affords you include: 

  • Discover and share upskill courses
  • AI-powered suggestions
  • Create content libraries
  • Learning management systems

Discover and share upskill courses

Get to browse through a plethora of online courses from Microsoft and other third-party content providers. This even includes 125 free courses from LinkedIn, all accessible without leaving the platform. Individual users can also share and recommend helpful courses they might come across to their colleagues.

upskilling courses

AI-powered suggestions

As your teams continue to use Microsoft Viva Learning, the platform’s AI learns your interests and sends customized course suggestions most relevant to your goals.

Create content libraries

As a manager, you can create well-organized albums of courses that you want your employees to take.

Learning management systems

Microsoft Viva Learning comes with an array of learning management systems to help you track any learning assignments you assign to your teams. You can add due dates, check completion statuses, and more to be certain that your employees are actually exploiting the learning opportunities given to them.

Conclusion – Staying Ahead By Upskilling

As a manager finding ways to keep up with emerging trends and changes in the professional market is a necessity. By upskilling your workforce, your company can take great strides to edge out other competitors that might not be investing as much in employees’ advancement. For a start, Microsoft Viva Learning provides a renowned clean upskilling service. Looking at tools like tailored recommendations and learning management tools, nurturing learning in your company should be seamless.

Get Started with Microsoft Viva Learning.