Cloud Productivity Solutions

How Microsoft enhances your Non-Profit productivity.

Technology advancement over the years has certainly transformed the non-profit landscape, though with that evolution comes an increased need for non-profits to prepare for technology-related challenges.

In a world where many non-profits are increasingly trying to achieve more mission-driven initiatives, technology updates are not always a priority for key stakeholders.

One thing non-profits have in common is a robust database of donors, volunteers, sponsors, etc. Protecting information is a high priority for non-profits, as a breach could harm the organization.

Data Security: The Biggest Challenge for Non-profits

Data security remains to be the biggest challenge facing most non-profit organizations. In today’s write-up, we will look into how Microsoft Non-profit offers can help solve those challenges.

How Microsoft for Non-profit Helps

Microsoft for Non-profit helps empower your organizations with Microsoft tools and services. It aligns the capabilities of Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Azure to address common non-profit challenges by:

  • Enhancing security while saving on costs
    Microsoft 365 and Azure offer integrated security tools to protect sensitive data and build trust with stakeholders.
  • Accelerating mission outcomes
    Understand the supporters and constituents that are most likely to engage, as well as through which channels and the optimal times through a flexible customer data platform to unlock insights and personalize constituent experiences with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.
  • Enabling your team’s day to day work
    Microsoft 365 brings together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with simple device management and security to connect people and information in an intelligent new way.
  • Save more on your Non-profit operations
    With discounts on cloud solutions like Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 as well as solutions custom-built for non-profits like fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365 sales.

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