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Save Costs with Microsoft Non-Profit Tools

For far too long, the promise of what technology could deliver to nonprofit organizations did not meet reality. There was talk about the sector applying

How Microsoft enhances your Non-Profit productivity.

Technology advancement over the years has certainly transformed the non-profit landscape, though with that evolution comes an increased need for non-profits to prepare for technology-related

What does SME Boost offer your business?

Small Medium and Enterprise Boost (SME Boost) is a cloud-based solution, powered by Microsoft 365 Business, that provides organizations with improved real-time communication, collaboration, and

Why choose SME Boost?

As remote working becomes more prevalent, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are shifting towards a hybrid approach of remote and onsite

Microsoft 365 Privacy

Microsoft 365 Privacy at CPS Microsoft 365 privacy demanded enhancements as, around the world, businesses continue to depend on staff members’ capacity to work remotely