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Powering Employee and Organizational Productivity With Microsoft 365’s Viva and Frontline

It’s been a few years since decentralized and hybrid workplaces became immensely popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And, while more workplaces are getting the hang of working from home and in different locations. non-traditional work settings continue to spark new management headaches. How do you optimize communication between teams? How do you ensure seamless collaboration? How do you improve productivity? Microsoft’s solution to this management dilemma is its new Microsoft 365 (M365) solution/m365 apps for business and here’s what it does…


What Is Microsoft 365 and What Are Some of The Top Solutions It Offers?

Microsoft 365 also referred to as M365 is a suite of cloud-based productivity solutions for businesses and enterprises. While there are a couple of apps under the M365 umbrella, Microsoft Frontline and Microsoft Viva are the go-to ones for employers. Generally, these apps integrate all your employees into one platform for hassle-free collaboration and stress-free management.

First, let’s take a look at Microsoft Viva.

Microsoft Viva 

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that is inclined to keep your employees aligned with your company goals. The service is an all-inclusive resource for:

  • Actionable insights 
  • Learning 
  • Communications
  • Knowledge about your organization

How Will My Organization Benefit From Microsoft Viva?

Upskilling and Reskilling

Are your employees caught up with the dynamic working trends?  The professional industry is under constant evolution, therefore creating skill gaps that your workforce needs to conquer. Microsoft Viva Learning equips your workforce with an extensive pool of development resources, such as courses, videos, and articles, to see that they’re continuously learning.

Fast communication and collaboration

Endless phone calls and Zoom meetings to track project progress and talk to employees are exhausting and incredibly time-consuming. Viva Connections brings all employees together wherever they are in an interactive platform for easy communication and coordination.

Boost productivity

By providing access to learning resources, Viva helps employees develop new skills that can be applied to their work and improve performance and productivity. Faster access to information and resources for your workforce also helps improve overall organizational performance.

Streamlined access to information

Viva through Viva Topics allows your employees access the information and resources they need to do their jobs easily. This includes company news, policies, and even training materials.

Increased employee engagement 

Viva includes features such as pulse surveys and feedback tools that help managers like you understand and improve employee engagement.

Better employee well-being

Work stresses are unavoidable, and your employees’ wellness directly informs how well they’re able to execute their roles. Viva includes features such as mental health and well-being resources, which can help employees maintain a healthy mental and physical state as they work.

Microsoft Frontline

As a customer-facing group, frontline workers directly influence your company’s market reputation. To bring efficiency and help your frontline workforce establish a good impression of your company, Microsoft brought you Microsoft Frontline. Microsoft Frontline is a comprehensive suite of tools that aims to empower front-line workers, such as retail or manufacturing employees, with the resources they need to perform effectively.  The range of features include real-time communication, task management, and access to training and learning resources.

How Will My Organization Benefit From Microsoft Frontline?

Improve communication and collaboration

Frontline has a real-time communication feature that allows employees to stay connected with you and other managers, supervisors, and colleagues, even when working remotely.  This helps ensure that front-line workers are always updated and can quickly get the support they need to perform their jobs.

Improve task management

There’s a task management tool that allows employees to easily track and manage their tasks, set reminders, and receive notifications when a task is due. By being able to see what tasks have been done, you could also point out and address lagging areas in time.

Access to learning and training resources

Frontline workers often have limited access to training and development opportunities. With learning resources, Microsoft Frontline can help power employee engagement and motivation.

Conclusion – The Greatness of  m365 apps for business

Microsoft Frontline and Microsoft Viva are powerful tools that can help solve the bottlenecks that come with managing non-traditional workplaces. And not just that, it also helps organizations stay ahead of the curve by improving employee engagement, productivity, and learning. By providing access to real-time communication, task management, and learning resources, these tools can help front-line workers and all employees to perform their jobs more effectively, and advance their careers. The dream of a productive and motivated workforce is more achievable than ever, and  m365 apps for business can help you realize that.


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